Skin Consult

The Skin Consult is an in-depth consultation to discuss your skin goals & develop a treatment plan unique to you.

During our one-on-one consultation, we will perform a skin cleanse & manual skin analysis, skin imagery using our exclusive OBSERV skin scanner, then finish off with moisturizer & SPF protection, before taking you through your prescribed treatment plan & home care products.

Please bring in all of your current skin care products, makeup, supplements & medications.

60mins | $79

Skin Health Facials

All Skin Health Facials include a complimentary Skin Consult, so please allow an additional 15 minutes to your allocated treatment time.

Pure Luxury

Relax with a Pure Luxury facial experience designed to suit your individual skin needs. A combination of the finest aromatherapy oils & plant extracts are applied with specifically designed massage techniques to restore & recondition the skin, leaving the complexion smooth & luminous.

75 mins | $129

+ Blissful Back Massage 30 mins | $59

Pure Bespoke

A Pure Bespoke facial customised to your specific skin concerns. All the relaxation of a Pure Luxury facial with the science and technical precision of an advanced skin treatment. Designed to visibly perfect skin tone and leave skin looking energised, radiant and luminous.

75 mins | $129

+ Blissful Back Massage 30 mins | $59

+LED Light Therapy 30 mins | $59

Pure Lift

The Pure Lift facial reduces the signs of aging, utilising specialised products, Microcurrent technology & LED light therapy. An advanced anti-ageing facial treatment delivering immediate long lasting age defying firmness and an instant dewy radiance.

90 mins | $189

+ Blissful Back Massage 30 mins | $59

Pure Radiance

The Pure Radiance facial is the ultimate skin treat & perfect as a pre-event facial.  This signature treatment harnesses the powerful effects of delivering a boost of oxygen directly to the skin, leaving the skin smooth & bright.

75 mins | $169

+ Blissful Back Massage 30 mins | $59

+LED Light Therapy 30 mins | $59

Pure Purify

The Pure Purify back treatment begins with deep cleansing and exfoliation of the back, shoulders and upper arms, removing excess oil, congestion & impurities. Tension is then released with a relaxing massage before a customized mask is applied to the back.

60 mins | $109

+LED Light Therapy 30 mins | $59

Add On

Blissful Back Massage

Enjoy the benefits of Blissful Back Massage using aromatherapy oils to enrich the skin & provide feelings of tranquillity & wellbeing.

30 mins | $59

LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy is the application of light at specific wavelengths to activate & promote a positive change in the skin, resulting in a more youthful, radiant appearance.

30mins | $59

Skin Therapy

Due to the highly active and corrective nature of the Skin Therapy Treatments a mandatory Skin Consult will be required before you can book an appointment.

Pure Peels

Skin Peels are clinical strength, results orientated, corrective treatments, tailored to your individual skin needs.

Skin Peels are performed to address skin concerns ranging from rough, dull lifeless skin to sun damage, ageing, hyperpigmentation, congestion and oily problematic skin.

45 mins | $159

Pure Luminosity

Harness the power of LED Light Therapy with this express treatment designed to excite the skin cells.

This rejuvenating skin treatment will increase collagen production, tighten the skin, plump fine lines, even skin tone & clear acne.

For best results a course of treatments are recommended at 2-3x per week for 12 consecutive treatments.

40 mins | $69


Pure Collagen

Skin Needling also known as Collagen Induction Therapy is a minimally invasive rejuvenation treatment that offers a safe and effective treatment for acne scars, wrinkles & stretch marks & requires minimal downtime post treatment.

Skin Needling is an advanced technology utilising multiple super fine needles that vertically pierce the skin with an automatic vibrating function stimulating a natural reaction in your skin to produce more collagen.  

This super charged anti-ageing treatment includes a high potency facial mask infusion and rejuvenating LED Light Therapy.

A course of treatments are recommended to sustain long term results.

90 mins | $289